#4 Connect with Source daily



This is possibly THE most important requirement of all, and the simplest.

Either you embrace and practice this one, or at some point your flow will dry up, your ideas and contribution will become stale and repetitive, and you’ll be easily outstripped by those who are connecting with Source regularly.


you must have YOUR way to connect with Source, and you must do this connecting regularly, preferably daily.

You might be saying: “C’mon! That’s so obvious!”, and yes, it is,


the question is:

are you doing it? 

And if your answer is yes,


are you REALLY doing it? 

Sometimes the most obvious things are ALSO the easiest to avoid.

So, what is Source?

Here’s my working definition:

Source is all things, and no one thing.

IT’S  Life:

that magic that enervates everything, from the darting, short-lived dragonfly, to the grand ancient trees in a forest, to all of the wild creatures, and even us humans. 

IT’S  mystery:

we can feel it in the vastness of a star-strewn night sky, in the sharp touch of an icy waterfall, and in the cosmic depths of a baby’s clear stare.

SOURCE IS IN US, AND   outside   OF US  

It’s deeply human and entirely alien. It’s both the inspiration that caused Michelangelo to rise out of his human limitations and sculpt the “David”, AND the spark that still lives inside the statue to this day, causing tourists to stop for a moment and glimpse eternity.

It’s what the mystic touches when he prays, what the poet reaches when he writes, what the mother embodies when she loves, and what the scientist accesses when she has a breakthrough.

It’s flow. It’s universal lifeblood. It’s what we are made of, and what we are not. It is real, and it can be felt, but it’s also intangible, and indefinable. It’s beyond us. It’s connected to everything through all time and space. Some might even call it God.

Most importantly, what Source is, how it is defined, is deeply personal.

For me, I see it when I have a long view: when I can stand high up and watch a lightning storm coming in over the hills, or look out over a clear wild ocean. I hear it when my children laugh together, and in the soft lapping of water against a sandy shore. I can taste it in freshly picked ripe baby tomatoes and a home cooked vegetable stew. I smell it on the air when a wood fire burns nearby, or when I step in horse dung in gumboots.  I feel it in those moments when I surrender to orgasm or prayer, and at the times when I write and find the flow.

For you, it will be different, although some of our experiences of Source will overlap.

(Please tell me what your experience and understanding of Source is in the comments below. I’d love to hear it. Together we can fumble our way towards a more complete definition.)

Anyway, however we define Source, the point of this “vital requirement” is not that you have a perfect definition, but that you have a way to connect with it and you do it regularly.

Actually, if you do have a way to connect with Source, your definition of It will evolve over time. Just like having a relationship with a person, you get to know Source better and more deeply by BEING with it

What this all means

in common-sensical terms is that you must have a DAILY practice that reliably connects you to the transcendent if you truly want to live an inspired life. This is not negotiable.


you can get by for a certain period of time on pure flair, or on the momentum you have built from a previous daily practice now neglected, but in the end you will trip and fall without a daily practice to support you, to keep you innovating, to keep you filled with life. A daily practice is so important that it is the very first thing that I insist on with those who choose to go on the transformation journey of doing a MASTERCLASS with me.

The point of a DAILY practice is to turn those beautiful moments of connecting with Source into something that we can access regularly, and at will, rather than something that only happens sporadically and by accident. This is really how you become a master of your life, and your craft.

think of it like this:

imagine a hobby musician, who plays now and then, jams with friends, and every so often achieves a moment of transcendence, when everyone seems to be playing together just right, and communicating without words, and the result, just for a minute, is perfection. To the hobbyist, achieving this moment is delicious, but beyond their control – they may hope for it, but never plan for it.

contrast this with: 

a true master musician, who plays every day, performs regularly, and collaborates with other masters. For this person, the experience of connecting to Source when they play, of everything coming together just as it should, of reaching divine inspiration, is a regular occurance, one they can dependably access most of the time, and one that is very much within their grasp.

To the master, transcendent moments can be relied upon to happen and even planned for, because he knows how to create them.

The hobbyist connects with Source occasionally, without method and only by surprise; the master knows how to connect with Source, and does it efficiently, directly and by design.

What’s the BIG DIFFERENCE between the two? 

DAILY practice, I promise you.

It’s always the same: Big, cosmic, amazing concept, to which we say:

Yes!   Yes!! 

And then to make it real, to manifest it in your everyday life, it comes down to small, simple actions, taken regularly.

A daily practice, and then whether you actually do it or not, that’s what makes the difference between those who let life happen to them, and those who live truly inspired lives.


If you already have a Connecting-to-Source practice that works for you, you may wish to stop reading here, and just comment below with your thoughts, how you connect with Source, and what Source is to you.

If you’re interested in the Connecting-to-Source practice that I use, and which I help my clients to create, read on.

I find that a two-fold connecting-to-Source practice is best: One part which is more active and directed, which I call “seeking source”, and another part which is more receptive and expansive, which I call “receiving source”.

So, here’s how you do it:

Part One: 

Come up with an active DAILY practice that suits your personality and your goals, and connects you with Source (although perhaps not every single time you do it – we all have good days and bad days). What’s important is not that you connect with Source every time you practice, but that the practice prepares your body, mind and spirit to be better vessels of Source, when It chooses to come to you.

This practice can really be anything, and all things can work, from meditation to housework, or from kick boxing to daily written pages – what you choose depends on what you’re into, and what you’re going for in life, and also on creating exactly the right dosage of challenge for you – like Goldilocks, you want not too little challenge, but also not too much.

These bits matter: that this is a conscious practice; that you do for a specific amount of time; that you do it every day (or at least 5 days out of 7); and you do it actively and consciously as a way to promote and enhance your connection to Source. It’s also usually best to do it without distraction, which does mean things like cooking can be out if you live in a busy household. This is the active, or “seeking Source” part of your connecting-to-Source practice.

Part Two: 

You make at least 1 time a week that is designed as a time for you to “receive Source”. This is different to your active daily practice, and again, it must suit your personality. You might choose going out into nature, or doing an open-ended meditation, or making art,  or writing,  or some form of exercise, or yoga, or really whatever else you like.

What’s important here is that you set time aside, that the structure is fairly free-form (unlike your daily practice, which is set, and always the same), and you do it alone. It’s also important to ask Source to join you, but after you have done that, keep it loose, and let it flow. This is the receptive, or “receiving Source” part of your connecting-to-Source practice.

…These two parts of your practice, seeking and receiving, hard and soft, directed and flowing, masculine and feminine, they work together to generate the inspiration which slowly begins to fuel and expand every aspect of your life. If your life is like an orchard, then this two-fold practice is like fertiliser, blood and bone, chook poo, minerals and pure water all rolled into one to make your plants grow and GROW and GROW.

And that’s it.

The bit that really makes it work is when you start your connecting-to-Source practice, keep doing it, and then keep doing it, and then KEEP doing it, and then just keep on doing it for a long period of time.

Participants in my MASTERCLASS, who use this structure for 5 months (at least) report that it creates incredible flow in their lives, results they didn’t think possible, and personal inspiration they didn’t know existed.


Point One: 

YOUR way to connect with source is entirely personal. Someone else’s way may not work for you. This is perfectly normal. You must find the way, or ways that work for you, otherwise there is no real benefit.

Point Two: 

You must actually connect to source through your practice. Not every time, not every day, but often enough for it to be a real practice. What this means is, it’s not enough to just go through the motions. The point is to connect to source, not just do the activity. Some days this will be hard, some days it will be easy, some days it might even be impossible, but it must always be in your intention to connect to Source.


So where does a DAILY connecting-to-Source practice lead you? Well, for one thing, it beats out a pathway in your consciousness to Source. Over time, you find and pave a reliable way to inspiration, one that you can access when you want to, and use to both build the life you were made for, and to become a master of your particular craft.

Not to mention that having a regular connection to Source also creates joy, connectedness, and an experience of life that is ripe, full of mystery, and deeply satisfying.

By Willow Davies

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