Facilitator Bootcamp

Facilitator Bootcamp


Oct 2022

Take your facilitation from ordinary to EXTRAordinary

By Willow Davies, with Peter Maloney and Rusty Lynch


Your unique Leadership

This is no time to play small. If you’re here, then it’s time to fully actualise your authority and bring your gifts to the world.

This 3 month online training is for coaches, teachers, speakers and consultants who want to build powerful leadership and communication skills to enhance their impact, effectiveness and originality.

Right now, the world cries out for true leaders. Will YOU answer the call?

Beata Fuller did. Watch the video below to hear about her experience in Facilitator Bootcamp:


3 months of POWERFUL TRAINING and regular practice in what it takes to be an INSPIRED and INFLUENTIAL LEADER? Oh yes!

some of the skills 


Presence and Magnetism

Ever wondered why some leaders have such charisma and impact, and some don’t?

It’s because people who are embodied and present to themselves and others are able to make themselves heard and felt.

These people make an impact. They inspire others to act. They LEAD.

Learn powerful presence techniques and practice them daily. By the end of three months – be a fully embodied leader with unstoppable magnetism.


Whether you connect or not with your audience is a HUGE determinant of your success as a facilitator, leader or coach.

No matter how important your message is, you will not truly REACH and MOVE your clients unless you: a) build a real relationship with them, and b) inspire them by communicating directly and to the heart.

Learn how to build trust, how to create popularity and respect, and how to have a far greater impact than you have now by creating strong relationships with your clients, participants, co-facilitators and network.

This skill is a game-changer!

Communication Skills

Learning powerful communication skills and applying them in your life is just about the most important thing you can do to create confidence, improve your relationships, and become a memorable and eloquent leader. 

Previous participants have said this aspect of the training is truly life changing.

Developing real communication skills is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your own future and success.

Learn listening, assertiveness, self-confidence and vulnerability.  Learn how to navigate conflict with grace and authority. And more!

Facilitation Secrets

AWESOME tools for you to use LIVE in your work. 

Between them, the facilitators of this program have over 60 years of experience in creating and delivering compelling work to participants. They will share a host of tips, tricks, techniques and skills to make your facilitation more effortless, dynamic and effective.

This includes: how to deal with resistance in yourself and your participants, how to effectively prepare yourself for teaching, how to bring forth your unique facilitation style, how to deal with nerves and anxiety, how to create the most impact in your lessons, how to develop group cohesion fast, and how to inspire your participants. Plus much more!

This factor alone can save you years of work, not to mention a lot of heartache…

Practice, Practice, Practice

Yep. You will be presenting within the online training most weeks.

Why? Because all the learning happens when you PRACTICE, when you get feedback, when you’re really doing it.

This training is not theoretical. It’s LIVE action.

Find your unique leadership style and enhance your confidence by presenting in a supportive environment with LIVE feedback from your peers and expert facilitators.

After three months – your skills as a facilitator will have grown exponentially.

Jonelle said YES! to Facilitator Bootcamp. Here’s her experience:

“Facilitator Bootcamp was an amazing growth experience for me! I entered the course as someone with a lot of self- doubt but an interest in perhaps facilitating one day in the future. I left with much more self-belief, a changed perspective and knowing that I had the tools to successfully facilitate.

 “For me it was more than just facilitation skills – it was the self reflection & presence focus that changed my communication/relationships with others, and with myself. There were so many great lessons for enhanced communication and living a more present and fulfilled life in general!

“Willow, Peter & Rusty all bought their own unique styles, perspectives & wisdom which made it such an interesting & well rounded course which I would highly recommend to anyone.”


3 months of POWERFUL TRAINING and regular practice in what it takes to be an INSPIRED and INFLUENTIAL LEADER? Oh yes!

The Structure:

Month 1

Presence, Magnetism and Voice

Building the internal competencies to be a magnetic and compelling facilitator. This includes daily presence-building practices, physical and voice training, and all the basics. 

Month 2

Advanced Communication and Connection

Learning and practicing the skills which underpin effective communication and encourage connection. These skills will aid you in your life, as well as making you a better facilitator. 

Month 3

Advanced Group Dynamics

Taking your facilitation to the next level by giving you a host of powerful tools to use “in the room” with people, and plenty of practice of using them. 

what’s included?

It can tricky to quantify what something (especially if its a relatively new skill) can be worth to you…

So take a moment now, just to consider what honing and developing your facilitation skills can mean to you in your life. What will it be like, when you’ve achieved a new level of confidence, adept communication and powerful impact in your work?

Is potent facilitation and impactful communication something that matters to you? If it is, you should join us. 


12 x Powerful Lectures $2,400 value
12 x Live and Interactive Online workshops $ 2,400 value
9 x Opportunities to Present LIVE and refine your skills $1,800 value
A vibrant and insightful FB group to support your journey $500 value
Guided Daily Practices to support your journey $500 value
Extra Videos, Tips & Tricks to build your resources $800 value
Extra Coaching and Video Training with 3 other experts $2000 value
Becoming a Kick-Arse Facilitator who rocks the world  yeah baby!

So that’s over $10,000 worth of value, for just $3,999 AUD.  

Which you have to admit is a pretty awesome deal…

Payment plans are available (they do cost $1000 more) – to secure your place in FACILITATOR BOOTCAMP, just pay a deposit now and I’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your payment plan. 

PRICE 3999

This PHENOMENAL facilitator bootcamp will deliver you to full confidence and embodiment in your natural leadership style. Don’t miss out!

Nicole said YES! to Facilitator Bootcamp. Here’s her experience:

“Facilitator Bootcamp is another amazing offering by Willow that I couldn’t resist embracing to further my personal and professional development.

“Before participating in FB I was scared to reveal my authentic facilitator style and instead tried to replicate my mentors. I am now able to embrace elements like the importance of presence vs. put on, tools to ground and be comfortable before facilitating, how to be magnetic and SO much more.

“Through the frequent opportunities in the program to facilitate mini workshops and receive the immediate feedback of other participants as well as the teachers, I was able to identify and focus on where I really shone and what elements of my teaching just didn’t translate to the students in the way I had envisioned. Through the practice sessions I was able to select the most effective and beneficial elements of the program I am developing.

“If you are looking to level up your facilitation skills I would highly recommend Facilitator Bootcamp to catapult your delivery and the results of your participants!”

the facilitators FOR YOUR BOOTCAMP ARE:

Willow Davies

Main facilitator and leader.

Willow has spent 22 years studying and teaching what it takes to be a MASTERFUL human, who CONNECTS deeply with life and others,  and  LEADS powerfully.

She is a trainer’s trainer par excellence, an expert change specialist and a brilliant creator of courses, both LIVE and online.

She will share a wealth of knowledge, experience and specific competencies to take your skills and influence as a leader to the next level.

Peter Maloney

Co-facilitator and Emotional Intelligence Expert.

Peter is a highly experienced transformational coach and facilitator who specialises in grief, emotional literacy and healing.

Peter is a deeply compassionate, connected human being who shares his formidable gifts as a teacher through his vital work with Feel the Magic – Australia’s leading grief education provider for children, the Justice Department of NSW, and his private coaching practice.

He will empower you with skills to create presence, connection and resilience, and share his amazing expertise as a live facilitator.

Rusty Lynch

Co-Facilitator and Expert Vocal Coach

Rusty has performed in LIVE bands (both original and covers) for over 20 years, and trained singing students for 18 years. He is a well-known front-man in the region where he lives and has a successful career in music.

Rusty is an expert in performance, creating audience relationship, and presence on stage, with 1000s of LIVE gigs under his belt. There are keys to presence and magnetism that he has learnt over the years and all of them will be revealed in Facilitator Bootcamp. He is also a skilled and experienced facilitator, having run all kinds of personal development programs, from mens’ groups to singing workshops.

On top of this, Rusty brings powerful understandings about the human voice to the table, and will offer tools that have the power to increase  the impact of your message exponentially.

So you’ve heard about some of the inclusions (we have to keep some things hidden so you have surprises), and the world class training … so now, all that remains, is for you to ask: “will I give myself this gift?” 

Take a MOMENT to notice where you are now in your leadership and facilitation ability. Are you fully confident? Are you as skilled as you want to be?

Now, IMAGINE where you’ll be after 3 months of intensive leadership training, skills development and LIVE practice. You’ll be fully embodied, brimming with confidence and poised to powerfully share your passion with the world. 

Surely, it’s a no brainer?

3 months of invaluable facilitator training …..   totally awesome!

This is your last chance to claim a spot at this world class training…

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