Macrostructural Patterning

Macrostructural Patterning



Your pattern is the series of events that regularly occur when you go for something in life and don’t achieve it. Unbelievably, people follow a predictable series of steps when they sabotage their end results, and there is a process to reveal these steps, as well as the motivation behind them, and the all-important triggers to avoid. This process is called “macrostructural patterning”, and was coined and developed by Robert Fritz.


A couple of recent Testimonials:


“Having my macrostructural pattern done with Willow was the most empowering and enlightening experience of my life and I don’t mean that lightly. I have had a great life to date (I am 33 years old) but I have lost things that mattered hugely to me, including big love. It was impossible for me to hold down a successful relationship and my health suffered immensely. I have spent the last 5 years on a personal development journey that culminated in learning the work of William Whitecloud on how to be a super powerful creator and create what truly matters to you in life. Part of the teaching is about the macrostructural pattern.

“I had heard about Willow’s long standing experience and expertise in patterning and decided to approach her to be my coach. Willow’s expertise in this area came through from start to finish. I have now been provided with an exceptional and accurate blue print of what I do in life, the same 26 steps (unique to me, ie 26 steps) that I take in life over and over again, which when I follow through on, will cost me what I truly love in life (in favour of settling my childhood agenda with  my parents). Knowing the steps and having that awareness is empowering. Knowing what to do to get off the runaway train to losing out on what I’d love and refocusing on what is my truth, my heart, what truly matters to me, is life changing.

“Literally life changing – because it means I can have what I love which before I was responsible for robbing myself of. For me, the overall empowering moment for me and my pattern is to realise mine starts with going for something that I don’t actually want but it’s what I think I want. Something I perceive will get me freedom. It’s opened my life up for going for what is truly in my heart, that I ‘d truly love. What could be more important than that to me? Willow on top of all that was an absolute laugh and pleasure to deal with. Could not come more highly recommended!”      

Sofia Garcia Ladera, Lawyer.

“Thanks so much for my pattern, Willow. You really nailed it! In the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing everywhere all these aspects of myself that I’ve been asleep to – even with all the transformational work I’ve already done. The process we went through was beautiful and yes, the integrity of my pattern is beautiful. What I love most is the empowerment I have now to step out of the pattern – and it really is so simple and direct. My eyes have been opened!”

Leah Foley, Coach and Healer. 


“Less than 24 hours later I have already started making changes in my life as a direct result of my newly acquired insights revealed by Willow, and am getting very encouraging results. This is truly life-changing! Thank you so much Willow!”

Kim Parker, Transformational Coach and Facilitator. 


 I have been frequently referred to as “the pattern expert”, having studied this process for 18 years, working with 100s of people during that time to reveal their patterns, freeing them up to live life outside of the limitations of habit and self-sabotage. It is a magical and very powerful process, with life changing results. Here is a video to describe what patterning is all about: 




What you will get out doing your pattern with me:


  • Up to 7 hours one-on-one time with me, as we look deeply into the structures in your consciousness that cause you to sabotage what you love. 
  • Your entire pattern prepared by me – showing what you do to sabotage yourself, why you do it, what beliefs are driving you to do what you do, and your emotional response. Also, it includes access points, which are areas when you can realise you are in your pattern and shift out of it. 
  • Deep insight into your negative behaviours and what to do about them. 
  • Key insights into how to shift out of your pattern and create the results that matter to you. 
  • Clear understanding of the four lines of a pattern, how they function, and what it means for you. 
  • A document which clearly defines all four lines of your pattern, with access points. 
  • A document which gives you specific and personal information about how to use your pattern powerfully.


Really, the power of getting your pattern done cannot be overstated. Just seeing a couple of the things that you will see about yourself in the process can change your life, if you act on them. let alone the full gamut of experience you will have as you have your whole negative structure revealed. 


Having said that, this process is not for the faint-hearted. There is a requirement that you have completed a certain amount of self-development work to qualify for doing this process. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify – contact me and we can talk through it. 



Given that this process takes at least 10 hours and much patience and expertise to complete, the cost is currently $2500.00. In truth, this is an absolute bargain!

Structure of Pattern Work:

Once you have organised payment, we will set up some times to work together.

Step 1:

First I will send you a patterning preparation sheet, and you will need a week or so to prepare yourself for the process.

Step 2:

Then we will have an initial session on Skype that will last up to 3 hours (or two sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours each), where you tell me stories from your life that I will use to develop the first stage of your formation.

Step 3:

Then, soon after, we will have a short (up to 1 hour) session on Skype where we will go over the first stage of your formation to make sure you understand it before we move forward. 

Step 4:

Then I will spend up to a week developing the next stages of your formation.

Step 5:

Now we have another Skype session of up to 2 hours, where we go over the formation, make sure you understand it, and work on the second line of your formation together.

Step 6:

I prepare a personalised and in depth document for you on how to work with and transform your Dysfunctional Formation. This is the most powerful aspect of the work we do. The we meet, usually for about an hour and we particularly work on your access points, and give you the insights that you need to be able to powerfully step out of your formation. This session is recorded, so you that you can revisit at any time. 

Step 7:

I send you two documents: your completed pattern, and a document which details how to use your pattern effectively. 

If you have questions, would like further clarity, or want to connect in any way, please fill out a contact form HERE