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living an inspiring life - willow davies

#5 Don’t do stuff half-assed

So lately I’ve been bingeing on “Fit for Fashion” on Netflix. It’s a reality show about a bunch of average people, who get physical training to lose weight and get gorgeous, and then they have to perform physical tasks AND fashion shoots to win immunity or get kicked out each week.

living an inspiring life - willow davies

#6 Choose your suffering wisely, because it defines your life

Life is suffering. So says the Buddha.

As usual with awesome pieces of wisdom that are expressed in short, pithy sentences like this, it can take 20 years to fully understand 3 words.

#7 Use a Model of Consciousness that actually WORKS

How you define your consciousness really matters. It has a BIG impact on your perspective and your behavior, as we shall see.

#8 Make FRIENDS with your PAIN

We’ve all got it. It’s that deep, nasty, hidden creature who lurks in you, telling you you’re inadequate, worthless, fraudulent, useless, or just plain not as good.

#9 Have a Non-Lame Definition of Success

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not anti-success. In fact, I’m all for it. Bring on real, vital, meaningful success for you and me! It’s a big part of what I want for my clients my friends, my family and myself.

#10 Be a REBEL

Living your REAL life is an act of pure, delicious, unadulterated rebellion.

living an inspiring life | willow davies

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