“I came to the workshop with major life challenges and I’m grateful to Rusty and Willow for providing me with the appropriate tools to address them and take positive action to change my situation for the better.”

Lina Mbirkou, Director In French Now


“100% content seminar… I have been to India and sat with gurus, yet I took just as much out of Being & Becoming as I did in India. Potent, powerful and profound.”

Luke, musician.


“What an amazing workshop! Willow & Rusty are both so passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach. I have done lots of workshops, but the fusion of being and becoming together is something I haven’t experienced before – But I’ll be living my life that way from now on!”

Kirsty Bremmer – Make up artist.


“Rusty and Willow, thank you for sharing yourselves, your experience and your tools of the trade of life – In 2 short days I feel I now have a tool kit to enable me to move forward with strength and ease into a brighter future. Again, thank you.”

Lynette Marie – Manager, Supported Accomodation Service


“This was my first experience of a workshop like this or anything similar. I was unsure of what to expect. Once I gave it my focus I enjoyed it amazingly. I was stimulated, invigorated and have come away feeling empowered, postitive and keen to pursue my very own journey of being and becoming.”

Andrea Phelan – Youth Officer


“At last! The powerful combination of being powerful and living with grace. What a dynamic teaching team Willow and Rusty make. This course cuts new ground on manifesting and living with presence and peace. It is a profound and seeming contradiction of tools, lessons and experiences, the result of which is a balanced grounding for mastery of life and the creation of the world we would love to be engaged with.”

Guy Thornycroft – theguytoknow.com


“Being & Becoming offers a rare transformative experience in the realm of personal development – answering the question: How do we love ourselves and still decide to aim for more? Willow and Rusty come together in a powerful fusion drawing on a wealth of expertise from their own varied experience, with meditations, exercises and actions to create the life you love AND to love the life you have. An invaluable experience.”

Cara Dibdin, Nutritionist.


“I feel that through Willow and Rusty I have connected with myself in a completely new and deeper level. The tools I have learnt filled the gaps from all the self development books I have read! Words can’t describe how much I feel I have discovered or learnt about myself and my true destiny.”

AJ Blackman – Manager 39 years.


“The workshop connected me with all aspects of myself, how to live from my whole self. I was able to experience a way to go for what I want in life without having to suppress who I am.”

Jesse, Salesman


“My experience with Being & Becoming was a deep look into ourselves into what and how our thoughts can and do control our lives and future. To do the daily exercises that Rusty and Willow suggest can really change your life to one of empowerment and success and whatever you envision it to be.”

Kelly, Personal Trainer / Therapist – 41 years


“I learnt simple techniques that were effective immediately and will be for the short term and long term, to clear the way to fulfilled, enriched and healthy relationships with my family and myself.”

Lynette, Sales Manager


Being & Becoming is available for a short time only at the introductory rate of just $220, for an entire weekend of in depth exercises and processes, designed to empower you with the tools you need to change your life for the better. Or, we have a special early bird offer of TWO tickets for $330 – this won’t last so sign up now if you are keen!

Being and Becoming