What is Creating? Part 3

This is part three of my “What is Creating?” Series. Let’s get straight into it:


Creating Isn’t About:


Avoiding Failure at All Costs.

There are probably some good things about our school system (it gets the kids out of our hair for one thing, right?), but undeniably the worst thing about it is rote learning and testing. Why? Because it trains you to be attached to getting the right answer. Yep. Year after year of schooling, you learn stuff, you’re tested, and if you respond correctly you get a treatie (in the form of good marks, respect, better opportunities, etc.). And like a dog in puppy school you become trained to always get it right.


Okay, So it has its uses. I bet you’re glad you learned how to read and write for instance. But the problem with it is this: you learn to have a very negative association with getting the wrong answer, or, in other words, failure.


And what does this lead to? It leads you to only going for things that you already know how to do, because those are the only areas in which you can be guaranteed to get the right answer. This keeps your scope limited. It keeps you in administration when you should be a designer, or churning out newspaper copy when you should be writing a book, or training staff when you want to be expanding your business.


Remember when you were learning to walk? Probably not, hey. But if you did remember you would know you fell over hundreds of times before you got it together. If you want to get serious about having the results you want in your life, you’re going to have to let go of your fear of messing up. You’re going to have to go for stuff you don’t already know how to do, and maybe sometimes face a crowd of people with spaghetti sauce on your shirt, or realize after a Ted talk that your fly was undone the WHOLE time.


MOST likely it won’t be that bad. But you’ll never know until you chance it. You’ll never know until you start banking on yourself.


The truth is: it is those who are most willing to get out there and fail who will create the most powerful results in the end.


After all, even Einstein got it wrong once or twice.


Making Conditions.

We all would like to be able to make a bargain with the universe, right? Because everything we go for is a risk. So it would be nice to know that the risk is going to pay off – that there is a guarantee that we are not going to be hurt, or exposed, or bankrupted, or rejected, or really, anything bad. Most of us, when we go for something, are unconsciously hanging on to something that we insist cannot happen.

This is having a conditional relationship with life. And life doesn’t like it. Put it this way: Imagine you are starting a relationship with someone and you say to them:

“Look, I like you, but I’m not entirely sure whether this will work out, so I want to keep my ex on standby in case it doesn’t. Do you mind?”

Or, imagine you are going into business with someone and you say:

“Hey, this is going to be awesome, but it’s too much of a risk for me financially, so I think you should put up all the capital, and I’ll see how it goes. If it goes well, I’ll definitely put my money in. How does that sound?”

Life doesn’t respond well when you approach it with conditions. In fact, when you go for stuff whilst hanging on to your safety net, it’s ineffective, uninspiring, and far more painful.

Real creators are able to open their hearts to what they fear, and go for things wholeheartedly, freely allowing whatever happens to happen. As a result, they create more powerfully. They have more fun. And life rewards them with what looks like luck, but is really just the rewards of unconditional living.


Refusing to do Anything you don’t “Love” for the Rest of your Life.

This is a good one. Some of us get stuck in the idea that if we are to “go for what we love”, that means we can never do anything that doesn’t suit our passions, ever. Of course this is crazy. No matter how much you love something, there will be days when you don’t. There will be stuff you have to do that is not fun. And there will be times when you want to turn back altogether.

Real creators know this. Real creators are passionate enough about what they are going for to do what it takes to achieve their results. They are truly dedicated individuals, who are deeply committed to sharing their gifts, and not afraid to “do the hard yards” to make this happen.

That’s it for What Creating Isn’t. I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment below with your thoughts…

Lots of Love


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