What is Creating?

So, apparently I talk too much. Or to be more accurate: my blogs are too long. Here’s my solution: a wonderful series of blogs that I will release over the next few weeks about what creating really is. I’m going to start, as usual, by sharing a few things that creating isn’t:

Creating Isn’t About:


Getting Everything that you want all of the time.

No, silly, that is control. I dare say Hitler may have been able to insist that things go his way all of the time, but I wouldn’t call him a creator. Creating is about learning to flow with life, to use the laws of nature to support you in building the life you love. Real creators will tell you that they fail all the time, but that their overall experience of life is that it is filled with the things they love. Creating is like growing a garden: it’s not about insisting that every single seed you plant grows – it’s about letting some grow and others fail, but overall cultivating a wonderful blooming oasis that gives you and others great pleasure.


Staying within Your Comfort Zone.

Some people can look like great creators because there are a lot of external results in their lives. But this is not necessarily the case. We all have areas in which we are comfortable, and areas in which we are not. One person’s comfort zone is another person’s purgatory. I have a friend who happily does international talks for corporate bigwigs and doesn’t even break a sweat (I would be pissing my pants in the same circumstance), but then freaks out big time when someone asks her on a date…

This is why you can’t judge another person’s “creating” from the outside – because you don’t know where their comfort zone is, and what takes them to the edge of it. Real creating is not about just manifesting more of what comes easy to you – it’s about going for the things that REALLY matter – the ones that take you to your edge – the ones that challenge you a bit. Real creators know how to find the waves out on their edge, and ride them like professional surfers.


Forcing Stuff to Happen.

Here’s a good one. Some people are good at forcing the things they want into being. And to a certain degree, it can work. But it eventually falls down. There’s always a cost when you force it. Maybe it’s just that you can make stuff happen in a work context, but not create the relationship that you want. Or it might be that you are great at convincing a whole bunch of people to jump on board with your product, but then, if you have used force, the tricky part comes in how to keep them. If you create by force it is hard work to make it happen, hard work to keep it happening, and hard work to hang on to what you have. In the end, creations that have been brought into being by force collapse under their own weight. Need proof? Think about what happened to the Holy Roman Empire, or the British Empire, or what lead to the global financial crisis…

Creators on the other hand, know how to flow, how to go for things without forcing them, how and when to surrender, let go, and receive. When a creator brings something into being, the thing itself has a natural momentum that keeps it growing and building in the world – like what happens when you plant a tree. Sure you have to keep watering it on occasion, and look after it a bit – but it has its own will to live, its own wisdom, its own direction – all you have to do is give it the space to grow.

That’s it for now. Watch this space for the next instalment.

Lots of Love



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