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SHORT VERSION: It’s a year long coaching program designed to end your self sabotage so you can relax and get on with living the life you have always wanted.

LONGER VERSION: It’s an in-depth and deeply transformative coaching program, which includes four terms of both 1 on 1 and group coaching and takes you through a systematic and intensive program to identify and break out of your “pattern”, which is a very specific and individual map of all the things you do to stop yourself having what you really want in life.


why do    breakthrough?

Have you ever felt like there is a ceiling in life that you just can’t get past?

Well, there is. (spoiler alert = it’s your pattern!)

Are you frustrated because you’re doing a lot but still not getting the results you want?

That’s how it feels when your pattern is running the show.

2024 PRICE (PER TERM) 1875

Breakthrough is prototyping in 2024, which means it is available at a never-to-be-repeated price of less than half it’s true value. Get it now to benefit from this amazing offer!



5 x 1 on 1 sessions with me where I use my expertise to serve you individually with what needs to change for you to get the results you want in life. 2-3 powerful group sessions to keep you focussed, provide support and connection and create more fun!
Your entire pattern mapped out by me – showing what you do to sabotage yourself, and why you do it, and pinpointing exactly where you need to do something different to get a more successful result.(We achieve this in Term 1). Specific Guidance and Support as we work through each part of your pattern to free you of what is holding you back in life.
Resources you can refer to forever including recordings of our sessions, a blueprint of your pattern, and a personalised document detailing what YOU specifically need to work on to free yourself of your pattern forever. A surprising amount of fun! Yes, this process, whilst intense, revealing and challenging, can also be enjoyable, I promise…

Yes!                                      I’m already keen to take the next step and book my FREE consult with Willow to find out more!

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