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Every human has a tendency to get stuck at a certain level of development, a certain level of success, a certain level of happiness. The problem with this is it’s a far cry from what you’re really capable of having. If your ready to break through your self-imposed ceiling, crack out of your self-sabotaging tendencies, and REALLY have what you really want in life, then join the Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS today.

This powerful program will take you through a systematic transformation process, proven to create results that matter to you in one or more of these 5 areas of life: Vocation and Purpose, Creativity and Self Expression, Relationships and Collaboration, Happiness and Vitality, Success and Recognition.

Become the master of your self-sabotaging tendencies, rather than them mastering you.

Create a specific result (from one of the 5 areas of life) that matters to you.

Build exponential momentum and flow.

Experience phenomenal transformation, a sense of wholeness and deep personal growth.

Be inspired by and supported in an awesome group of powerful individuals who each have an important and valuable gift to share.

Build a new and far superior foundation for your life which continues to deliver great results, personal fulfilment and powerful creative momentum long after the program has ended.




Join the Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS


Go on a phenomenal transformation journey with 8 other powerful people, bust out of your limitations, and get BIG results.


MASTERFULLY create what you want in life, free of self sabotage. Never again be haunted by results that have remained beyond your grasp.

who  IS IT FOR?

This program is for powerful, aware people who are struggling with an “Area of Challenge” and want to burst out of it.

What’s an “Area of Challenge”? Quite simply it’s an area of life that is not easy for you, where things don’t flow, where you habitually sabotage yourself and don’t get results.

Signs you have an “Area of Challenge”

You feel stuck, frustrated, depressed or horribly confused.

You look at other people who have the result you’re trying to create and wonder why it comes so easy for them.


You may have tried and failed to create this goal multiple times.
You may even have given up on this goal altogether more than once, telling yourself you just can’t have it.
You feel like there’s something wrong with you, or there’s something you’re missing, or in some way it’s your fault that you can’t create this result.
BUT, you also can’t give up on it entirely, because despite the pain of going for it and not getting it, this goal also deeply matters to you.

Every human has at least one Area of Challenge. So it’s absolutely NOT your fault that you haven’t been able to create the results you want in this area.

It’s just that you simply CANNOT get results in an Area of Challenge, no matter what amazing techniques and tools you throw at it, UNLESS you TRANSFORM it.

Like it or lump it, you have a BLOCK in this area, and it doesn’t matter how many courses and programs you do to learn skills, it will NOT change until you actually go on a deep journey of transformation and come out the other side changed utterly, freed of this area of challenge, and able to create your life powerfully, smoothly and with grace.


You spend 4 months doing the Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS.

During that time you take an area of life that has always HELD YOU BACK and you make into an area in which you can THRIVE.

You create a life project that is dear to you.

You experience the grace and happiness that comes when you embrace your WHOLE self and transform.

And you NEVER look back. 


Leah had run 2 LIVE webinars and had created a sales conversion rate of 67%.

…BEFORE the course:

LEAH had a fear of “selling” herself, so whilst there were many people interested in her amazing healing work, there were minimal sales.

…AFTER the course:

she had run 2 LIVE webinars and had created a sales conversion rate of 67%. Which is awesome! Now her business is sustainable for her as well as providing great value to others. I spoke with her recently, and she told in the 4 months she did the MASTERCLASS, she created the best sales year for her business on record. 

Dr. Deb bought a space for her business, quit her job and began work on her true vocation.

…BEFORE the course:

DR. DEB had dreamed for 8 years of leaving her job and starting her own business. She was too afraid to take any steps so she was frustrated in life.

…AFTER the course:

she bought a space for her business, quit her job and began work on her true vocation. She is being showered with support and people who want to work with her.

Ashley had created her dream job

…BEFORE the course:

ASHLEY was living her life in service to other people, and putting herself last. This resulted in unsatisfying relationships and work that was not commensurate with her true abilities and contribution.

…AFTER the course:

she had created her dream job, as well as being in a relationship that is loving and fulfilling.

Leah had run 2 LIVE webinars and had created a sales conversion rate of 67%.

…BEFORE the course:

LEAH had a fear of “selling” herself, so whilst there were many people interested in her amazing healing work, there were minimal sales.

…AFTER the course:

she had run 2 LIVE webinars and had created a sales conversion rate of 67%. Which is awesome! Now her business is sustainable for her as well as providing great value to others. I spoke with her recently, and she told in the 4 months she did the MASTERCLASS, she created the best sales year for her business on record. 

…and there are many other examples.

Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS - Willow Davies


If so, and this is only for a VERY LIMITED time, you can book a 45 minute session with me to identify your SABOTAGING AVATAR. What’s that? It’s like the persona of your pattern – it’s the character who is always sabotaging you. Knowing who they are and how to recognise them quickly is a LIFE SAVER in terms of making the difference between getting what you want or repeating your pattern.

Unlike other models, this MASTERCLASS is very exclusive. 

Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS - Willow Davies



Why is this

Because I’m dedicated to producing results for all participants, and in my view, a small group works WAY better than a large one. Know that your needs won’t get lost amongst a big crowd of other people, AND you will find support and solace in a group of dedicated and powerful people cheering you on!


The Mastermind (9 LIVE workshops)

We meet LIVE every two weeks for 2 hours. It’s a workshop – so I’ll work with you individually on your creations, your blocks and give you powerful tools to transform your life.

The Course Component (8 lectures)

Each of these introduces a new powerful concept to support you in creating great results.

5 x personal One-on-One sessions with me

These allow me to empower you with specific insights and vital tools that will serve you in your adventure, as well as to observe your creative process deeply so that we can reveal what is holding you back and take it out of the picture. A one-on-one session with me normally costs $500, so this is a valuable piece of the MASTERCLASS.

1 x personal One-on-One session with a voice expert

Finding your voice and expressing yourself compellingly in the world are so deeply important to transformation that I have included a powerful session with a human expression expert to catapult you into even more dynamic speaking and communicating.

The Facebook Group

We have a vibrant and insightful FB group to stay in touch with each other, share successes, and give each other powerful feedback on the things we are creating during the course.

Extra Video, and Tips and Tricks

I will appear frequently in the FB group to give feedback, answer questions, and give you added extras on video that will help with your progress towards your goals.

Challenging and Powerful Homework

This will be designed to challenge you to go to the next level. It will be specific to you, and perfect to stretch you without breaking you. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the course. Accountability makes for great results.

WHAT’S MY   investment?

Don’t forget, to achieve these kinds of SUBSTANTIAL RESULTS in your life is priceless.  

How much is your pattern costing you, right now? If you’re anything like the many, many people I have worked with, your pattern has cost you all kinds of things. But how much? How much money have you missed out on because you didn’t get that promotion? Or weren’t able to get paid by a customer? Has your pattern cost you relationships that were really important to you? Can you quantify the emotional cost? Has it ruined projects that were dear to your heart, or prevented you from enjoying events that mattered to you? Has it stopped you outright from going for your purpose or creating your true vocation in life?  

How about the relationship with yourself as you keep treading the same old path, then kick yourself because you should “know better”.

STOP and work that out.  Write it down – everything your pattern is costing you – before you continue.


8 x Powerful Lessons $2,000 value
9 x Live Mastermind workshops $ 3,200value
5 x personal one-on-one sessions with me $2,500 value
1 x personal One-on-One session with a voice expert $500 value
A vibrant and insightful FB group to support your journey $800 value
Challenging and Powerful homework, personalised for YOU $1,200value
Extra Videos, Tips & Tricks to build your resources $600 value
Extra One-on-One Coaching with 2 other experts $2000
A lifetime of SUBSTANTIAL RESULTS $absolutely

So that’s easily over $12,000 worth of value, for just $7,995AUD.  

But, if you pay in full… I’ll honour your commitment to your soul and the value you’re placing on your happiness with a $1000 discount, bringing the price down to $6,995.

You know you self-sabotage already… you also know how much it’s costing you… and remember, this is costing you EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. of your life.  

Now, imagine mastering your self-sabotage and building exponential momentum and flow… and experiencing the transformation that comes from taking your life in your hands … sense your feeling of wholeness and majesty as you live a life completely on YOUR terms and get powerful and delicious results.


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