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Work with me

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accelerate your growth | willow davies

Life Diagnosis Session

If you feel that you’re ready for change, but you don’t know how to go about it yet, or where to start, your best option is to get in the room with me, right now. In this deeply revealing session, we will look at your whole life in terms of what you want to create, why you don’t have it yet, and how you can set things up to create results rather than more of the same.

1 hour one-on-one session

transformation and growth - willow davies

Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS

The MASTERCLASS is the world’s best online transformation program for influencers. You will go for and create a project that is dear to you, whilst experiencing a highly supportive transformational adventure like none other. This program is very exclusive. Open only once a year for 8 participants at a time.

5 month transformational odyssey


Turn the light on with this powerful and life-changing process that provides you with a complete roadmap of your self-sabotage, how it works, why you do it, and how to do things differently. It’s not for the faint-hearted…

10 hours mapping your sabotaging tendencies (includes 7 hours one-on-one coaching)

accelerate your growth - willow davies

Unmasking the ENNEAGRAM

Do you want to understand more about why people in your life (yourself included) act the way they do? The Enneagram is an amazing tool for personal transformation, as well as a phenomenal support for anyone whose vocation it is to serve others in their growth. This interactive on-line course dives deep into the Enneagram, and you will emerge from it empowered to live your life passionately, as well as to serve others in expressing themselves, being freed from limitation, and going for what matters to them.

8 week in-depth online course

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