This is what I stand for

This is what I stand for

My values

Who we are is determined by what we choose to dedicate ourselves to.

Here are 9 things I will never compromise on:


I LOVE what I do.

Yep, I do this because I love it. That means I’m passionate, committed and sometimes a little wild. And I’m ALWAYS inspired to make my work even better than it already is so we can keep getting more and more powerful results for you.


I give a shit.

I’m honestly passionate about your transformation. I care about your results and whether you get them or not. I also care about you. This means that I’ll push you where it’s needed, help you pick up the pieces when things fall apart, and CEL-E-BRATE with you when you get what you’re going for.


Truth is everything.

I believe I serve you best by telling it to you straight, so I do. I don’t pussyfoot, avoid elephants-in-the-room, or pander to your ego. I’m here to serve you in getting results that matter to you, so there isn’t time to waste on dishonesty dressed up as kindness.


This work is valuable, so I charge money for it.

I’m very proud of the courses, MASTERCLASSes and one-on-one work that I do with clients, because they deliver fantastic value and produce phenomenal results, often in areas people never thought possible. It’s impossible to place a money value on the results that people create after working with me, but I do, because this is my vocation. My goal is for each person I work with to walk away empowered, freed of limitation, and opened up to possibility. I love hearing back from people about the first-rate stuff they have created since working with me.


You’re powerful.

You are a creator. This is your life. No one can live it for you or make it happen for you, although you certainly can be served along the way. I’ll treat you with the respect you deserve as a brilliant being who may need a bit of tweaking here and there to be even more powerful, successful and fulfilled, NEVER as a victim. You’re already awesome. Let me help you become transcendent.


I know my stuff.

Just quietly, I’ve been at this a long time. I‘m an expert in what it REALLY takes to transform. I know just how to crack you enough so you can burst out of stagnation into real and lasting growth WITHOUT breaking you. I can look into you and see where your lynchpin is. Where’s that one thing in you, that if you shift it, changes EVERYTHING? 


I may not be your flavour.

I’m not for everybody. I’m irreverent, straight shooting and raw at times. I’m not trying to be perfect or prove myself – I make mistakes, I have my share of foibles and I’m not the snappiest dresser. I don’t care about politics. I eat too much cake.


My clients are totally legendary.

Yep. Because each of them is unique and has a valuable contribution to make to life. But also because they’re ready for change, and they’re prepared to take the action required to get them there. In my world, there’s nothing more impressive than that.


I’m here to learn and grow forever.

This is one of my primary intentions in life. I love transformation, and I have loved it since I was a very small girl. I’m always going for greater expansion, greater wisdom, and greater presence. To me, life is a fully interactive journey. This means I live my work to the best of my ability, and I’m not here to pretend I’m better than you. I’m on a journey myself, and if I ever stop learning, well, that is the same as death in my book.

That's it.

That’s what I’m dedicated to in my work.

I hope that’s given you a sense of who I am and whether I suit your style. If you want to connect:

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