Ready to SERIOUSLY accelerate?


Ready to SERIOUSLY accelerate?


Please note the   masterclass is currently unavailable, as I’m writing my book. Selected one-on-one work and programs are still available. Click the button to find out more.    

I want to join the Masterclass!




You’re here because although life may be good, you’re not entirely satisfied. There’s something missing. Something important. Something you have wanted for a long time.

You’ve probably been promised before that if you do this or that course or buy this or that product it will sort you out, so I’m not going to do that now.

For now, I’m just going to say: I feel you. I know what it’s like to KNOW that there’s more to your life than you are currently experiencing, and to be FRUSTRATED that you can’t fully have what you want in life.

I also know how to change it.


The result of 22 years of in-depth study into what it really takes to TRANSFORM human experience.


The culmination of thousands of hours of LIFE-ALTERING, profound work with individuals.


The soul offering of a woman who has truly lived CHANGE.


The MASTERCLASS is a 5 month transformational odyssey designed to BUST OUT of your resistance, CRACK your glass ceiling and OPEN YOU up to the life you were born to lead.  


It’s a profound, life-altering, soul-enhancing transformational program, best of its class. 

A COUPLE OF    case studies



Leah is a talented healer who began the MASTERCLASS with a business that did great work with people, but was struggling to survive.

Her transformation included creating brand new material for her healing work, become an expert saleswoman without compromising her integrity, and creating a buzz for her work in the world.

Her healing business is now thriving and she has the pleasure of doing what she loves for money. 



She began the MASTERCLASS with low self esteem, health issues, in a toxic relationship, and doing unsatisfying work. 

Her transformation included manifesting her dream job, starting a new healthy relationship, and a marriage proposal.

She is now happily married, and has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. 


WHY IS THE    masterclass  SO POWERFUL?









Time. Real change takes time. This is why a weekend workshop or even a week-long retreat leaves you feeling great for a short time but has little ability to give you long term tangible results in your life. The MASTERCLASS runs over 5 months because this is exactly how long it takes to effect actual permanent change. 

Support. Real support is rare and a vital aspect of proper change. Many people fail because of a lack of support when the chips are down. In the MASTERCLASS, you’re surrounded by a small, dedicated group of people who are cheering you on, showing you you’re not alone, and inspiring you with their own creations. This in itself is a hugely valuable part of the training. 

Wise Guidance. You don’t need to be “shown the way”, because you have your own path to follow, but you do need expert guidance on your transformation journey. Your guide needs to be both dedicated and experienced, and they need to be committed to your transformation. This is a sacred task, and it’s why I only take 8 people at a time. 

Shamanic Transformation. This is hard to describe in a couple of sentences, but it involves facing up to the blocks that exist in your consciousness, and working through them enough times so that they are no longer real blocks. It’s something that a lot of change work doesn’t address, because it’s challenging, for both the guide and the participant. Super powerful though. 

Focus and Discipline. You can literally create anything you want if you are prepared to focus on it in a disciplined way. At least half of all the stuff you think is stopping you from having what you want is just that you haven’t yet really focussed, and really taken action. The MASTERCLASS shows you HOW to do this, and gives you the accountability to KEEP doing it, even when the resistance comes up. 

A touch of myth and mystery. There’s a reason why humans have loved stories so much, and for so many thousands of years. Mythology holds all the keys to the human transformation journey, when you can unlock the codes. The MASTERCLASS is both incredibly pragmatic and practical, AND opens you up to receiving and being supported by all the power of Great Mystery. 

WHY DO THE    masterclass?


DO YOU WANT TO know more?

This short video reveals the philosophy behind the MASTERCLASS, what makes it so VERY effective, and why it’s unique. 

If you’re starting to really feel attracted to the MASTERCLASS, you should ACT NOW, because…

– there are only ever a total of 8 places available. 

Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS - Willow Davies


For a LIMITED time, you can book a one hour diagnostic session with me to map out your LIFE PASSION INDEX. What’s that? It’s where we take big picture view of your whole life and consider where you’re at in relation to what you passionately want to create, what’s stopping you, and what you can do differently to get the results you want.

NOTE: If you do this session, and then decide YES! you do want to go ahead with the MASTERCLASS, the price of it will come off the cost of your MASTERCLASS – so there’s really nothing to lose…

Yes, it’s pretty AWESOME!

who  IS IT FOR?

This program is for powerful, aware people who are ready for real and lasting change.

This program is not for beginners, or trying-it-out-ers. It’s the thing you do when you’ve done the other stuff, and it hasn’t got you where you want to be, and now you want the real deal.

Signs you’re ready for change:

You may FEEL stuck, frustrated, depressed or horribly confused about a life vision that you haven’t yet been able to create…
…BUT, you’ve also had enough. You’re READY to do what it takes to get the results you want in life.
Because the comfort zone is no longer satisfying to you.
Because deep down you know you’re worth more than that.

Real transformation isn’t easy, but it’s so fulfilling when you have the results that really matter to you, that when you look back on what it took to create them, it SEEMS LIKE it was easy, because it’s just so WORTH IT.

Who needs real change? Every human alive, I reakon.

Who will really do it, in this lifetime? Just a select few.

Would YOU like to be one of those lucky enough (or crazy enough), to create real and lasting change in your life?

  HOW DO YOU CREATE THE CHANGE THAT LEADS TO true life satisfaction?

You spend 5 months doing the Growth Accelerator MASTERCLASS.

During that time you take an area of life that has always HELD YOU BACK and you make into an area in which you can THRIVE.

You create a life project that is dear to you.

You experience the grace and happiness that comes when you embrace your WHOLE self and transform.

And you NEVER look back. 

WHAT YOU    get 

The Mastermind (10 LIVE workshops)

We meet LIVE every two weeks for 2 hours. It’s a workshop – so I’ll work with you on your creations and your blocks and give you powerful tools to transform your life.

The Course Component (10 lectures)

Each of these introduces a new powerful concept to support you in creating great results.

5 x personal One-on-One sessions with me

These allow me to empower you with specific insights and vital tools that will serve you in your adventure, as well as to observe your creative process deeply so that we can reveal what is holding you back and take it out of the picture. A one-on-one session with me normally costs $500, so this is a valuable piece of the MASTERCLASS.

1 x personal One-on-One session with a voice expert

Finding your voice and expressing yourself compellingly in the world are so deeply important to transformation that I have included a powerful session with a human expression expert to catapult you into even more dynamic speaking and communicating.

2 x Accountability Coaching and follow up

No matter what project you are going for in the MASTERCLASS, this session and follow up will empower you with awesome tools for accountability, action and long term building of your new life. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Challenging and Powerful Homework

This will be designed to challenge you to go to the next level. It will be specific to you, and perfect to stretch you without breaking you. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the course. Accountability makes for great results.

Extra Video, and Tips and Tricks

I will appear frequently in the FB group to give feedback, answer questions, and give you added extras on video that will help with your progress towards your goals.

The Facebook Group

We have a vibrant and insightful FB group to stay in touch with each other, share successes, and give each other powerful feedback on the things we are creating during the course.

…And More

Every MASTERCLASS is different and specific to the individuals involved. So I’m always adding bonuses and extras and new insights that improve and develop the process and enhance the experience for each participant.

WHAT’S MY   investment?

Don’t forget, to achieve these kinds of SUBSTANTIAL RESULTS in your life is priceless.  

How much is your self sabotage costing you, right now? If you’re anything like the many, many people I have worked with, your sabotaging tendencies have cost you all kinds of things that you wanted in life. But how much? How much money have you missed out on because you didn’t get that promotion? Or weren’t able to get paid by a customer? Has your self sabotage cost you relationships that were really important to you? Can you quantify the emotional cost? Has it ruined projects that were dear to your heart, or prevented you from enjoying events that mattered to you? Has it stopped you outright from going for your purpose or creating your true vocation in life?  

How about the relationship with yourself as you keep treading the same old path, then kick yourself because you should “know better”?

STOP and work that out.  Write it down – everything your self sabotage and your glass ceiling is costing you – before you continue.


11 x Powerful Lectures $3,850 value
10 x Live Mastermind workshops $ 4,500 value
5 x personal one-on-one sessions with me $3,000 value
A vibrant and insightful FB group to support your journey $1000 value
Challenging and Powerful homework, personalised for YOU $1,200 value
Extra Videos, Tips & Tricks to build your resources $800 value
Extra One-on-One Coaching and Video Training with other experts $2000 value
A lifetime of SUBSTANTIAL RESULTS absolutely priceless

So that’s over $15,000 worth of value, for just $7,995AUD.  

But, it gets even better than that…

Special Offer: The ENTIRE MASTERCLASS now only costs $6750. If you pay a $750 deposit NOW, you will receive the entire MASTERCLASS (beginning 22 April 2022), with this MASSIVE discount ONLY available now because of these crazy times. 


If you ACT NOW, you can turn 2022 into an opportunity to build a momentum and resilience that will last you for YEARS to come! 

Payment plans are available (they do cost $1000 more) – to secure your place in the MASTERCLASS, just pay a deposit now and I’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your payment plan. 

You know your self-sabotage already… you also know how much it’s costing you… and remember, this is costing you EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. of your life.  


Now, IMAGINE mastering your self-sabotage and building exponential momentum and flow… and experiencing the transformation that comes from taking your life in your hands … sense your feeling of wholeness and majesty as you live a life completely on YOUR terms and get powerful and delicious results.



If you want to secure your place NOW in The Growth Accelerator Masterclass, you can pay your $750 deposit by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Once you have paid a deposit, I will be in contact to check you are a good fit for the MASTERCLASS (if you’re not, of course you’ll get a full refund of your deposit), set up payment arrangements, and get you started with all your course materials.

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